Last year I participated in the “LET’S FLY” bloghop, we had such great feedback that we decided to keep the links up for some time!

As I had decided to do a lot of handprinted surfaces for this theme,  I picked  hot air balloons as my version of flying. The shape of the balloon makes a nice and easy template to work with!  In Stockholm you see them often in the summer. ( At the green cross I used to have my shop/Studio, once upon a time!)

Stockholm sett från himmelen

After some sketching, I cut out shapes for the details  and background and started putting paint on paper. Later I worked it all together  in photoshop.sketch


The final patterns I think would give a fresh and joyful feeling to bedding, so that is the theme for this balloon print!with-front-balloon





39 responses to “BALLOONS

  1. I love that you hand printed these designs. The hot air balloon motifs are just great x

  2. Love seeing your design process and your fabulous take on the brief!

  3. These are lovely! Good way to get texture into your designs, well done =)

  4. Must be the color combo, texture….OK can’t find the best words to say how much the combination really came out so harmoniously!

  5. Very fun and colorful…uplifting! Nice designs Tina!

  6. Fantastic colours and textures Tina! Really make you feel like you’re floating in a hot air balloon! Great job!

  7. What a lovely subject matter to pick. I really enjoyed seeing your start point too. Best wishes for the coming year x

  8. love, love, love how you made this! inspiring me to get more hands on in my work again! the results are gorgeous.

  9. Super designs Tina. Made me smiley.

  10. Enticing, I feel like going for a ride….up up and away. Very fun and creative, lovely!

  11. Really a fun and happy design Tina! Love the way you show your design process and also mocking it up onto the bedsheets. Cool! Love the textures too 🙂

  12. fabulous fabulous mock-up! actually really makes me want to rush out and buy it! great design

  13. Great work, Tina. Love to see the process and the end result apllied in such an enchanting situation. The collection is highly commercial, keeping, at the same time, a very authoral and authenticity. Hard balance, well accomplished. Congrats!

  14. Fabulous take on “flight”! I love how your designs look on the mock-up bed!

  15. Hej Tina, Åh vad fina ballonger superhärliga och jättekul med någon ifrån Stockholm 🙂 i den här gruppen.

    • Hej! Tack så mycket! Visst är det kul att världen är ganska liten? Välkommen till den här gruppe ( än en gång ) det är helt fantastiskt så mycket support och välvilja här finns!

  16. Gorgeous! So mush texture, color and general loveliness! I am swooning abit over here:) Lots of wishes for 2013! Julie

  17. awesome creative process and result! I really like your patterns and they do look fab on bedding!

  18. I love these, your use of texture and colour is gorgeous!

  19. Very cool, love the concept!

  20. I love all the textures and the colour palette, super work. Dawn x

  21. Fantastic Work Tina…the bedding makes a great great product…loveee it!

  22. Great designs Tina! Love the motifs and the textures.

  23. Beautiful work, love that you show the whole process of the beautiful collection! Love the hand-painted look, amazing!!
    Wish you lots of success for 2013!
    Thanks for participating and thanks for your credit and kind words, I am touched!
    Rosie X

  24. Great to see your process. Love the mock up!

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  26. Beautiful balloons, i love them! And mock-up looks fab!

  27. Great collection with a very happy feel to it! Love all these textures!

  28. Lovely designs and I love the colour combo!

  29. wonderful collection, love to see your workprocess, great!

  30. Tina, I just adore your mockup- it great to see the end use and your designs translate so well for bedding! Thank you for showing your process as well. I think I may try to paint first and then play with it in PS, it could be fun. I love the textures you were able to create by doing that! Just beautiful!

  31. I really like these designs an would definitely buy them as a bedding set. You should enter the spotty design into the tigerprint competition, spots & stripes. Good luck for 2013 x

  32. Love these textural designs, and seeing the process you went through in creating them..Wishing all the best in 2013 : )

  33. Showing process, using textures and doing mock ups ……all for a great post. Lovely designs!

  34. I love this..the theme, textures and colors. Great work! I enjoy seeing it through from sketch to mockups as well! Best to you in 2013!!

  35. Gorgeous balloons, so colorful and joyful. Love your drawings and the designs look wonderful on the bed sheets.

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