The pin hop of june 2013!

Last june I organized a completely new thing, called a Pin Hop! More than 50 designers joined in, and shared their design on Pinterest during one weekend in June, 2013. As inspiration I picked 4 themes from from  PATTERNBANKS lovely forecast, for us to chose from. The inspiration boards for the 4 themes can be seen on Pinterest.

The Pin hop is a cooperation with the designers directory “Find New Designers”.

If you wish to know more about the hop and the idea behind it, look under “About & Contact” on top of this page.

I picked the theme  Midnight garden  Hope you like my wild and dark flowers!

Avatar CochinChalice

If you wish to know more about the hop and the idea behind it, look under “About & Contact” on top of this page.



  1. bethania lima

    I am in bed now. The Midnight Garden became Middle of the Night and it is in bloom. I love the ephemeral look you managed to convey. It has a transparency that adds a dramatic feel to it, but it is not overdone. Magistral! Thank you for this superb take on the theme. And thank you for the great initiative and all the work that came with it. Good night and great pin hop day!

  2. Everything is beautiful and I especially like your second design. The textures, colours and strokes are brilliantly done. And thanks so much for your hard work in making this Pin hop a success. You rock! x

  3. Tina- such lovely work here -just wanted to pop by and say so. I love the top print especially – I think it is possibly my fave of faves 🙂
    Thanks for all your hard work on this.

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